House of Art was founded by fine art connoisseur Albert Korff in 1995. His dearly bought experience in the industry comes to the fore in all the aspects of what he does for his clients and artists alike. Through his guiding hand, hundreds, if not thousands of people have come to enjoy the beauty of art and the reward of investing in the right art. No other institution bears its knowledge and expertise in such a personalised and tailor made way as does Albert and the team at House of Art.


We’ve been in the fine art, decorative art and investment art business for over two decades. We hand pick our paintings for both their aesthetic characteristics and investment opportunities. In other words, we set out to give you art that is not just beautiful, but will grow in value.


We have a deep connection with our clients and artists and want to facilitate the education of the public as to the opportunities and privilege of investing in fine art. Whether for your home, business or wherever else, buying a piece of art can be extremely difficult and intimidating. After all, you are buying a piece of someone else’s identity to display for all to see - and by implication to see a part of who you yourself are. Nothing but the perfect fit will do. To that aim, we want to help you make the right decision and for you to know you can trust our refined tastes and sound judgements. If you’re happy with what you receive from us you’ll come back. It’s as simple as that.


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